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I think it's what we threw out the window.

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☣ Canon? What Canon! ☣
Fuck that shit, we threw it out the window!

It started in Raccoon City, but that’s not the only base of operations they had on US soil. The company has slowly been building up again in all fields of science and technology under various names. One such group; Shroud, has started working on projects in Santa Fe, New Mexico, underground and off the main grid for the most part trying to recreate some of the advances lost in the Raccoon City incident.
As well as recreating those advancements they’ve been slowly working their way into various other industries including robotics and weapons, keeping low on the profile until they feel they’re strong enough to handle things on their terms.

Only people who know what is really going on happen to be those of some rank within the company, though there is a leak, slowly feeding information to people that they feel may be of use to stopping the company once and for all.


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